Mission Statement

iModiste is an interactive fashion community that brings together the talents of some of the most exciting, creative, innovative fashion artists, professionals, organization, and events that the world has to offer. iModiste celebrates the spirit of creativity that exists in all of us. We recognize the blood, sweat, and tears that go into the process of designing a line or a look or a show. Most of all, we respect the determination that drives you to never give up on your dream!

Our members stand together, and with one voice we say to the world:

I am a Modiste!

imodiste fashion

Modiste (Old French): One that produces, designs, or deals in fashionable dressmaking or millinery. A maker of or dealer in fashionable attire.

Our Community Objective

iModiste.com is a community dedicated to providing an online hub for fashion industry professionals to network and work together towards success. Our primary purpose is to encourage our members to Shine! Our next goal is to provide a platform and some of the tools necessary for them to do just that. The iModiste community consists of fashion designers, stylists, hair and makeup artists, models and photographers, as well as fashion organizations, and event organizers, all dedicated to their art and creating a culture of a cooperative business.

iModiste.com uses a combination of live events, such as local “Meet & Greets”, Fashion Shows, Fashion Week Events, Pop-Up Shops, Conferences and other fashion industry gatherings as well as online networking to facilitate connections within the fashion industry. These gatherings are opportunities for our members to participate and showcase their work. They are produced and run by iModiste members, collaborators and staff, and hosted at locations all over the world.

The Objectives of iModiste are:

  • To attain greater recognition for our members and to highlight their achievements in business.

  • To advance professionalism and the accessibility of our members in fashion and its related lifestyle industries, as well as cultivate the creation and maintenance of their Brand.

  • To present timely information regarding national and global trends that have an effect on the fashion industries.

  • To plan and produce public access activities and events in which our members fully participate, and to stimulate and encourage membership and industry participation.

  • To provide programs (such as scholarships, apprentice/internships, and co-ops) which enhance networking skills and encourage interpersonal contacts so as to further the professional, social and personal development of members.

  • Organization, participation, and sponsorship of Fashion Week events, independent Fashion Shows, conferences, seminars and other activities on a national and worldwide basis.

As mentioned above, the primary purpose of iModiste.com is helping our members to reach their fullest potential.  Artists of any genre are many times labeled “dreamers”.  But dreamers, when encouraged and equipped with the proper tools, can move mountains or soar above them!  So we say… Dream on!  Because without dreamers, and without those willing to work hard to realize those dreams, this world would be a dull, colorless place.  

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